Biology Videos

Our team members are trying so hard in order to provide materials for those who they have participated in Special Courses in Alborzi Educational Center. You can watch Biology videos in this section. These videos are supplementary to our educational center classes.

#25. Introduction to buffers | Water, acids, and bases | Biology

#26. Definition of pH | Water, acids, and bases | Biology

#27. Isomers | Properties of carbon | Biology | Khan Academy

#28. Representing structures of organic molecules | Biology

#29. Carbon as a building block of life | Properties of carbon

#30. Silicon-based life | Properties of carbon

#31. Hydrocarbon overview | Properties of carbon

#32. Functional groups | Properties of carbon | Biology

#33. Dehydration synthesis or a condensation reaction

#34. Hydrolysis | Macromolecules

#35. Molecular structure of glucose | Macromolecules

#36. Molecular structure of fructose | Macromolecules