Biology Videos

Our team members are trying so hard in order to provide materials for those who they have participated in Special Courses in Alborzi Educational Center. You can watch Biology videos in this section. These videos are supplementary to our educational center classes.

#1. Biology overview

#2. The scientific method

#3. More on orbitals and electron configuration

#4. Introduction to the atom

#5. Orbitals | Electronic structure of atoms

#6. Elements and atoms | Atoms, compounds, and ions

#7. Valence electrons and bonding | Periodic table 

#8. Electronegativity | Chemistry of life

#9. Electronegativity and bonding | Chemical bonds

#10. Groups of the periodic table | Periodic table

#11. Intermolecular forces | Chemistry of life

#12. Ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds | Chemical bonds